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About me

Hello, my name is Gustavo Simas. Welcome to my website. Enjoy it. I hope you find here what you are looking for, or discover something interesting, in case you're not searching for something at all.

  • I am: The Batman Gustavo Simas da Silva
  • How old: 25
  • Major: Electronic Engineering
  • Born and raised: Florianopolis - Brasil

Some experiences

dec 2021 until now
Data Analyst

Data Analyst at Impact Hub Brasil.

jun 2020 until now
VI Mídia Producer

Cofounder and phonographic producer on VI Mídia Produtora production of accessible audio materials, audiobooks, audiodescription and podcasts.

jul 2018 until feb 2020
LAR Research Intern

Research intern at the Laboratory of Applied Robotics (LAR), Department of Mechanical Engineering (EMC) of the Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC)

apr 2020 until now
Sound Artist

Musical artist (instrumental songs) and audiobooks narrator. Spotify Profile

jan 2015 until now
Redbubble Designer

Drawing and shooting and editing images for a variety of products, which I sell on Redbubble

jan 2017 until feb 2018
CIASC Engineering Intern

Development of a Data Center Environment Monitoring System, with Arduino, Zabbix, CFD, 3D Printing technologies at the Automation and Informatics Center of Santa Catarina (CIASC)

jan 2016 until feb 2018
FRC5800 Marketing Mentor

Marketing Mentor of the FRC 5800 Magic Island Robotics, acting on Digital Marketing, Web Development, Branding.

feb 2015 until jun 2015
IEB Technical Intern

Medical-Electronic Equipments Management at the Local Center of Cliinical Engineering of the Carmela Dutra Maternity (CELEC - MCD), for the Federal University of Santa Catarina Biomedical Institute (IEB - UFSC)

2023 until 2025
Knowledge Engineering Master's Degree

Knowledge Management and Engineering Master's Degree program at the Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC)

2016 until 2021
Electronic Engineering

Electronic Engineering program at the Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC)

Coursera Python Specialization

Python Specialization offered by Michigan University via Coursera

Coursera Digital Marketing Specialization

Digital Marketing Specialization offered by Illinois Urbana-Champaign University via Coursera

2012 until 2016
Technical Program

Electronics Technical Program at the Federal Institute of Santa Catarina (IFSC), Florianópolis

out 2018 until now
ReViu Editor

Editing articles published by ReViu, on Medium platform

mar 2018 until now
Amara Translator

Complexity Explorer courses translator, from english to portuguese, through the Amara platform

jan 2018 until now
Projeto Releituras Editor

Reader at the Projeto Releituras - Livro Acessível, development of audiobooks to print disabled, with binaural sound effects

jan 2017 until now
Coursera Mentor

Introduction to Logic course Mentor, offered by Stanford University via Coursera

jan 2017 until now
Smartling Translator

Coursera courses translator, from english to portuguese, through the Smartling platform

jan 2017 until now
Coursera Beta-Tester

Beta-Tester/evaluator of courses content and quality, before they go online through Coursera platform

mar 2017 until 2021
CEO at Centro Tecnológico Memes

Founder of the academic entertainment page Centro Tecnológico Memes (CTM)

may 2019 until jan 2020
DZenvolvedor Editor

Editing articles published by O DZenvolvedor

jan 2017 until dez 2017
SC Games Teacher

Volunteer Teacher of the Arduino and Introduction to Robotics course, offered to 9-12 years old, at the Projeto SC Games - Novos Talentos


*Estimated values

Knowledge Management and Engineering

  • Coda


    Tables, charts and word clouds 📊

    Organizational Knowledge Management and Documentation

    CRM, Company wiki and interactive applications

  • Obsidian


    The center of my Second Brain 🧠

    PKM on steroids using plugins

    Zettelkasten and sense-making through connections ✍🏽

  • Tools for Thought (TfT)


    Lifelong learner 🤓

    Stigmergy on Glasp

    Investigating TfTs like mymind, Tana, Logseq, RoamResearch, Superus... ⚙️

  • Artificial Intelligence


    Understands the principles behind Neural Networks, GPT, Deep Learning and so on

    Creating articles with chatGPT and art through Midjourney and Dall-E 🤖

    Loves Microsoft Speech Studio's Neural voices (and make audiobooks with them)

  • Business Intelligence and Data Analysis

    ~Sixty 5?%

    Change Theory, Impact Mesurement 🌍

    Likes Data Studio, Power BI, Tableau and Flourish ❤️

  • Project Management


    PMBoK and Agile Methodologies (Agile Manifesto, Scrum, Kanban)

    Thinks OKR is a great tool for organizing dreams and generating engagement 🎯

    Have already used Trello, Asana, Coda, Clickup



  • Portuguese


    Lê e escreve e faz poema ✍🏽

    Não sabe pronunicar "intransigente" direito

  • English


    Knows how to ask for a coke 🥤

    Knows more than "the book is on the table"

  • Italiano


    Sa come domandare una pizza 🍕

    Andiamo, fratello! Non mastroianni tutti i funions 🤌🏽

  • Español


    Habla lo esencial

    Le gusta la tequila 🍋

  • Français


    Je m'appelle monsieur Simas 👨🏽‍🎨

    Ceci n'est past un site web


  • Production

    Makes some audiobooks

    Produces his own musics 🎸

    Teaches about the music world on youtube

    Knows a little about copyright

  • Acoustics

    Knows what it takes to build a home studio

    Studies about psychoacoustics, PESQ, STOI and related subjects

  • Mix & Master

    Uses Audacity, FL Studio, Pro Tools and Reaper 🎶

    Put some effects, equalize, compress...

    CLA-76 > PuigTec


  • Photoshop


    Edits some images to make memes 🤣

    Knows how to make a gif

  • Corel Draw / Illustrator


    Creates some business cards

    Has designed his own logo 🖌️

  • Sony Vegas


    Applies some effects on frames

    Applies some effects on sound

Hobbits Hobbies

(Neo)concrete poetry, sci-fi, neuropsychology, behavioral economics, mythologies, fantasy, bios

Cien Años de Soledad


Thinking Fast and Slow


Educations, acessibility, sustainability and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics)





Experimental music, psychedelic, tropicalismo, stoner rock, samba, classical music, chorinho, vaporwave

Queens of the Stone Age

Rogério Skylab


The Beach Boys


Terror, thriller, Cinema Novo, glitch art, indie movies

2001: A Space Odyssey

Mad Max

Mary & Max


Indie, walking simulators, hack 'n slash, mmorpg

God of War

Red Dead Redemption

The Last of Us

Everybody's Gone to the Rapture


Basketball, american football, soccer, tenis

Baltimore Ravens

Miami Heat

Figueirense F.C.